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Minicraft, A “How To” Guide

Minicraft, like Minecraft, drops you onto an island with no directions whatsoever. Basically, you have to figure it all out on your own. In most cases, this requires you to die several times. Because of Minicraft’s recent release, I was not able to find any “how to” guides. You may find this learning experience part of the fun, but if you don’t, I have a guide for you. The ultimate goal of the game is to defeat the Sky Wizard (who lives in the sky). To do this, you must find the staircase which leads to the sky. It will be surrounded by a seemingly unbreakable metal. This must be broken with a pick ax to get to the staircase.

Here are the basic commands and tips to help you start Minicraft:

x is inventory, c is attack/select

Punch trees to get wood/apples. Wood is used to make tools. Apples give you heath. Select apples from inventory to hold. Eat to by pressing attack while equipped.

In your inventory is a workbench. It will appear once you have enough wood. Place it on the ground by selecting it and attacking with it. Use your inventory near it and it will let you  make tools.

Use your wood to make wooden tools. Use these wooden tools to mine through stone, use the stone to make stone tools.

Make a shovel to dig up sand. Turn sand into glass by using a furnace. Turn glass into lanterns by crafting them with slime balls (obtained from killing slimes). Use lanterns underground in order to see.

Find a descending staircase (inside mountains) and go down. Light up area by selecting lantern and using attack to throw it down. Mine a brownish spiky rock with stone tool. This gives you  iron. Make iron ore into iron with furnace. Make iron into anvil. Use anvil to make iron tools.

Go underground and search for gems. Mine gems, use to make gem tools. Use gem pick ax to break through metal surrounding the upwards staircase.

This is the basic things that you need to know in order to play Minicraft, I hope you found this useful. Here’s the link to the game,


The Man Behind Minecraft Makes Another Game Under 48 Hours

Notch, the maker of Minecraft, created a new game in under 48 hours: Minicraft. Minicraft is a top down, RPG like adventure game. It feels like a mix of Minecraft and the original Zelda. The game was created as an entry for Ludum Dare, a competition that asks game developers to make a game from scratch (that means coding too) about a theme that is provided by the community. This time the theme was alone, and if you have played Minecraft, you’ll know that this theme was perfect for him.


Minicraft feels like one of those old RPG’s because you have a character on a journey to defeat the big bad, by defeating monsters and gaining better equipment along the way. It feels like Minecraft because there are no towns, no shops, and the monsters are basically just animals (and zombies, if that counts). Like in Minecraft, the monsters don’t drop better equipment, so you’ll have to punch it out of the country side. It starts to feel like an RPG again at that point, after you get the materials (by gathering, rather than fighting) you make objects that allow you to get stronger materials, which then in turn allows you get more materials… and so on, until you can reach the “Sky Wizard” and kill him.

Even though it’s not quite as lonely as Minecraft, as you are just moving around your character like a puppet, having no towns, no shops, and no people make it the loneliest RPG I’ve ever played. If you play “All by Myself” by Eric Carmen while playing, it’ll enhance the experience.

Here’s the official, slightly depressing, description of the game by Ludum Dare: “Arrow keys to move, C to attack and X to open the inventory and interact with objects in the world. The goal of the game is to kill the only other sentient being in the world, making sure you’ll be alone forever.” The game is available to play in your browser. Here’s the link


Cutest Thing I’ve Seen All Day

There is a meme called dumb running sonic, and it’s basically comprised of GIFs of sonic running in dumb ways. I saw this and thought of a dog scooting around on it’s but. Undoubtedly the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while.

360 VS PS3

The old console wars between Sega and Nintendo has now upgraded to X-Box and PS3. The two main contenders of the past are not even part of the race anymore. Sega dropped of the map after the Dreamcast, and Nintendo fell out with the gaming community after the disastrous Wii. With the Wii now becoming a long running joke, serious gamers have to fight over the PS3 and the 360 as to which is the best gaming console.

The problem with deciding which console is best, is that the graphics are practically the same on each console, due to the amount of cross platform games they share. Because of these cross platform games, there are few exclusive titles for the consoles to taunt the populace with. Looking at them from a distance, it’s hard to tell the difference. If you really want to find the best, you’ll have to look close, and ask which one is best for you.

Personally, I ship with the X-Box crowd. My best gaming memories were from the original X-Box. The 360 tends to have better UI (User Interface, or Userface by the escapist cast) and more streamlined online options than the PS3. People find it hard to navigate the PSN store, and cannot converse with others unless they have set up Bluetooth. But the online play is free, which it should be, because even some single player games require an online connection.

Both consoles have exclusive titles, but not many. The PS3 has some groundbreaking exclusives that can be considered masterpieces, while most of the Xbox’s exclusives consist of shooters. The PS3 is the cheapest Blu Ray disc player on the market, including the ability to play games. If you are the type to whom Blu Ray matters, this is a must buy even if you don’t play games. The X-Box controllers are usually a more comfortable fit, and have a natural layout, especially to someone who used to play the GameCube/original X-Box.

Looking at it in a general sense, the two consoles are not so different, but most of the time the decision of purchase comes to the cost. With the PS3 and 360 countering each other almost perfectly, they could be equal… except that you can get a 360 for half the cost of a PS3. Lowest price point for 360, approximately $150. PS3, $300. The average person would do well to purchase an X-Box 360, rather than a PS3. Some people may find that they prefer the PS3…

But generally, the X-Box 360 has a leg up over the PS3. (except for that whole RRoD thing, which is why you buy black)

User History

(click to see full-view, it looks clearer)

Just so you know… this is a lie. But that man probably saved hundreds of marriages with that comment. … Or maybe this is something I don’t know about. Well, if it is, it’s less funny… I’ll just go with the first option.

A Better Philosophy

crazy parenting fails - Don't Forget to Burn the Body!

I just love this. A timeless quote gets changed, and normally this would be pretty clever, but the addition of that little girl at the gun… Something that has some merit or is kind of true but fundamentally wrong is just the kind of thing a child would say.

How to Deal With a Cheating Girlfriend

dating fails - Dating Fails: She Didn't Get The "Semper Fi" Part

Single most awesome thing I have ever seen about someone dealing with cheating. Extremely clever, it is a way of not only enacting revenge, but a way to make sure that girl doesn’t think she won. An head for an eye, I say! Better than confrontation, and easier to move on.

Why We Need MW3

There are a group of gamers that consider themselves better than the rest, and I’m kind of one of them. They call themselves elitists. They look down on other gamers. They scorn the “casual market”. At some point I will talk about video game elitists and the casual market, but today I must talk about MW3. I look down on MW3, and as shooters go, I look to Battlefield 3, but I have recognized something that others have not.

By Sithis, Battlefield looks like a movie!

There is hate, a lot of it, against the game, from people who will never buy it. The majority of the millions (literally) of people who bought it, like it. Many of the haters have a point though. One thing that was brought up was that MW3 is basically a map pack for MW2. Like Fallout: New Vegas, It might as well be DLC. The campaign is little more than a retread of the action movie genre. Unlike the original MW and MW2, there is little original and is lacking a compelling story line.

Modern Warfare is now the Madden of shooters. It’s coming out every year, with little improvement, and it can’t change because it might loose it’s massive audience. Man, I wish sonic had done the same thing. Looking at these problems, I have come to the conclusion that Modern Warfare 3 can’t be all bad. At worst, the game is average. So why all the hate? It’s because the game is popular. If it was just another small title, people would pass it off as just another game, but because it is big, people want to fight against it. I personally want something that is so big and popular to be something amazing, something I can get behind.

^ Amazing and awesome, like this ^

The same thing has happened with movies. The big blockbusters used to be something with depth, something with merit, like Star Wars (the original trilogy). Now blockbusters are cliche action flicks with nothing more than explosions to carry them through (transformers, 2 and 3). The only exception was inception.

But the truth is, we need Modern Warfare. Call of Duty has single single handedly brought games into the mainstream. It is what will keep the market afloat. It will convince people that video games can make money, and thus they will be made. Games can now be a part of an everyday conversation with others who don’t necessarily have the same amount of love for games that I do. Gaming is not the obscure, niche thing that it used to be. And that’s a good thing. Video games are now considered an art form, now more then ever, because they have been brought out into the light. You may not love MW3, but you should respect it, because it is now the most profitable media franchise to ever walk the face of the earth.

You should thank MW3… and me, cause I’m not a retread of anything, and thus better than MW3.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, the Best You’ll Ever See

Some people don’t know this, but Gurren Lagann is my favorite anime of all time. Actually it’s my favorite anything in all of media. This is better than my favorite video game, movie, book, or TV show that has ever walked the plains of existence.

The thing is, I don’t even like anime anymore. I find them mostly to be stupid. Horrible plots, sub par artwork, and series that last forever without doing anything. I love Gurren Lagann because it defies all of those things, and then some.

Relatively short in comparison to other action oriented anime, at only 27 episodes, (One Piece has over 500, literally)  and has a good, extremely inspirational story. Other anime would take this story and drag it out as long as they could, but Ganix condensed it as much as they could, making for extreme action all of the time. The show has the Cerberus Syndrome on it, and after some fun and games it hits you with some pretty serious themes. These are really emotional moments, and not the drawn out political drama seriousness that came out of Gundam.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

The action is so over the top, and it tops itself with every consecutive episode. The final battle is so ridiculously amazing that it’s hard to believe. Throughout the battles, the characters say some pretty powerful stuff that stuck with me. I urge you to go watch this. I have never met a person who didn’t like it. Being a giant mecha series, you’d think, what’s more awesome than a giant robot? A giant robot piloting a giant robot. Yeah. Seriously. Watch this show.

I have provided you with the one of the final scenes in the movie, (yes, there are two, in which they make the fights even bigger, if that’s possible)  too which they take the turned up to 11 series and push the dial to 12.

Oh, and BTW, watch it in English, the voice acting is superb, which cannot be said about any other subbed anime series… like, ever. It carries more emotional weight than the Japanese version, makes more sense than the subtitles, and is said with more passion. What could be better? Here’s a link where you can (legally) watch the show

File:Gurren Lagann.gif

If that didn’t convince you, what will?

Prelude pg 1


I had to make the picture a negative because it didn’t look good at first. I switched the colors, and it looked great. It took me 11 hours in one day to do this. I’m glad this is over with, this was my least favorite page to work on. I particularly like the numbers part.

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