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What Makes One Game Better Than Another

December 28, 2011

I was watching videos on youtube, just messing around, til I can play Battlefield 3 again. I started watching commentary videos to get my Battlefield fix, and I came across this video. This is just another video about Modern Warfare 3 vs Battlefield 3. I’m saving this argument for later, after I’ve had time to play Battlefield 3 some more. I don’t need to play Modern Warfare 3 because I’ve played MW2, and CoD BLOCKS, and MW3 is basically a high end DLC for them. Here’s the video.

This guy, SushiRush, calls himself a Battlefield fanboy, so obviously Battlefield wins in his opinion. It’s the way that he chooses it is my problem. He openly says that basing the decision on “your opinion” is stupid and biased. He then proceeds to say that the “best way” is to base the decision off of facts. After that, he starts listing off both games capabilities.

Graphics, check. Sound, check. Engine optimization, check. Developer effort, check. The problem that I have here is that by these standards, No More Heroes would lose to Two Worlds. That’s not right. Too me this just sounds like utter PC duchebaggery. “Oh, the graphics and sound are better, it must be a better game!” I’ve said before, graphics seldom make a game fun. Sound can enhance an experience, not make the saving catch.

Games are meant to be fun. and that’s what people should base their argument on. What does it matter if you are playing the “better” game if you are not having fun. Of course, you can’t really tell people whats fun, you can only list the aspects that make a game fun, and let people decide for themselves. You can make a decision based on your opinion, but ultimately, you have to leave others to their fates.

I’m not going to say which game is better when I get to it. I will say which game I had more fun with. And everybody else can look at what I write (which is hopefully unbiased) and see which one they want for themselves. I may force my opinion on you, but not in this way.


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