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Why I’m Not A PC Gamer

December 23, 2011

For me, the hardcore scale of gaming goes like this. Wii- casual. X-Box- serious. PS3- hardcore. PC- seriously hardcore. This scale is mostly based upon the cost of the equipment, with the Wii starting at $150 and the PC going up to to the 2000’s. This is why I still consider myself a “hardcore” gamer, and don’t have a PC or a PS3. All I have is an Xbox and a $150 dollar doorstop.

If you want to be a PC gamer, you have to have a pretty serious setup to make it worth it. This usually means high end graphics cards, multiple cores and lots of ram. Even If I had enough money to get all of that, I still wouldn’t buy it. Why? Because gaming on the PC means change. If you wan’t to keep up with the latest games, you have to get the next graphics card. You have to keep replacing your parts. You have to keep on spending money. Maybe I would put up with this if it were worth it.

The truth is, games on the PC are only greater than console games because of their slightly superior graphics (and sometimes mods, in some cases are almost a must have, like in Skyrim). Most good games are not good because they have jaw dropping graphics. That can only take a game so far; the only exception I know of is Crysis, which most high end computers melted trying to run.

There is another problem. PC gaming is dying. Yes, there are online titles, and digital distribution, but those are mostly ports from consoles. Less games are being made exclusively for the PC, or even with the PC in mind.

Console games are steadily improving in graphical quality, which is just due to the skill of the developers. A new title does not require any new tech or requirements from your console, because all consoles are the same. You can buy a game and pop it in without having to worry if you have the right requirements, or if you’ll have to turn the graphics to the lowest setting. Console games are becoming mainstream, and so there is no shortage of them coming in. Most likely, if a game is coming out, you can be sure it’s on your console.

PC gaming just seems like a hassle to me now. Console gaming saves time and money. It’s a fact. If you have the time and the money, sure, game on the PC. I’m just saying, console gaming is not something to be looked down on just because it costs less. Some of us aren’t rich bastards (not that all PC gamers are jerks, but they exist on the forums). I can understand that a lot of console gamers are idiots, because consoles are directed at a more casual crowd, so you can hate on them. Idiocy is not something I promote. But please, not all console gamers are idiots, so give… me the respect I deserve.


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  1. motodale permalink

    i found your article a bit hard to read because of the things you say so i have a few points im gonna cover to maybe help you out and better understand why its not pc gaming thats is leaving and that consoles are the ones that are slowly dieing away.

    so i read your first paragraph, everything is fine until
    > PC are only greater than console games because of their slightly superior graphics

    the xbox is running a technology that was top of the line pc hardware from 8 years ago roughly. the next xbox is going to be running an amd/ati card that is now 5 years old. i can make a game that runs skyrim for under a thousand dollars(maybe even 700 if i get amd/ati stuff) and the computer wont be out of date for the next 3 years. sure in that time you can upgrade and spend more money but the computer is far more up to date than the consoles are.

    the next statement you said about pc gaming is dieing is a false assumption, it looks like it is but that because nobody wants to go out and do research, however tomshardware and nvidia have graphs with stats and a prediction for the current rate of climb found here,13499.html

    i keep reading this article and then this appears:
    >Console games are steadily improving in graphical quality, which is just due to the skill of the >developers.
    game developers are limited by the console developers based on hardware. the only reason we have bf3 on the consoles is because of optimization. DICE had to first create the pc game then send it out to be ported for the consoles due to the game itself is the current most graphically demanding game out there as of today still. yes they are improving the look of games but you can only do so much until you kill the gpu in the console.

    the last thing that bothers me was the money you put into games. no matter what game it is on console it is either 50-60 dollars. i paid the same amount of money for both bf3 and skyrim combined due to the steam store and amazon having sales. i have spent an easy 500 doallrs for my wii games but my pc has 3 times as many games and im still at like only 300 dollars for games this past year.

    i understand this was an opinion article however i feel this was a ‘letting out steam piece’ that let some feelings do the writing. found this via reddit and i feel some research can be done even when writing an opinion piece. feel free to discuss with me via email just note that i have been on both sides of the gaming and find pc a cheaper and better alternative.

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