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Clips Showing Why Battlefield 3 Tops MW3

December 21, 2011

I’ve always had a problem with the Modern Warfare series. The only game play available is running around in a confined space shooting at anything that moves.  One of the things that Battlefield uses to up the ante is vehicles. This is shown evidently in the following clips.

In this video, the guy is waiting for a jet to spawn. This is so cinematic, if I died like this, I wouldn’t even be mad. Too bad he dies right as the jet spawns though.

This is a contemplation of cool things one person saw in battlefield. The one at the end made my jaw drop, it was cinematic, like a boss. Some of these things look like they should belong in a movie. I just wish movies had moments as epic as this.

Close to the end of this clip, this guy snipes a guy in a helicopter with a head shot. It then shows the kill in slow motion. The level of detail in this game amazes me. You can see the bullet going through the air, and the reaction of the pilot as he’s hit by the bullet. His head is pushed back and he slumps as the helicopter looses control.

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