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360 VS PS3

December 17, 2011

The old console wars between Sega and Nintendo has now upgraded to X-Box and PS3. The two main contenders of the past are not even part of the race anymore. Sega dropped of the map after the Dreamcast, and Nintendo fell out with the gaming community after the disastrous Wii. With the Wii now becoming a long running joke, serious gamers have to fight over the PS3 and the 360 as to which is the best gaming console.

The problem with deciding which console is best, is that the graphics are practically the same on each console, due to the amount of cross platform games they share. Because of these cross platform games, there are few exclusive titles for the consoles to taunt the populace with. Looking at them from a distance, it’s hard to tell the difference. If you really want to find the best, you’ll have to look close, and ask which one is best for you.

Personally, I ship with the X-Box crowd. My best gaming memories were from the original X-Box. The 360 tends to have better UI (User Interface, or Userface by the escapist cast) and more streamlined online options than the PS3. People find it hard to navigate the PSN store, and cannot converse with others unless they have set up Bluetooth. But the online play is free, which it should be, because even some single player games require an online connection.

Both consoles have exclusive titles, but not many. The PS3 has some groundbreaking exclusives that can be considered masterpieces, while most of the Xbox’s exclusives consist of shooters. The PS3 is the cheapest Blu Ray disc player on the market, including the ability to play games. If you are the type to whom Blu Ray matters, this is a must buy even if you don’t play games. The X-Box controllers are usually a more comfortable fit, and have a natural layout, especially to someone who used to play the GameCube/original X-Box.

Looking at it in a general sense, the two consoles are not so different, but most of the time the decision of purchase comes to the cost. With the PS3 and 360 countering each other almost perfectly, they could be equal… except that you can get a 360 for half the cost of a PS3. Lowest price point for 360, approximately $150. PS3, $300. The average person would do well to purchase an X-Box 360, rather than a PS3. Some people may find that they prefer the PS3…

But generally, the X-Box 360 has a leg up over the PS3. (except for that whole RRoD thing, which is why you buy black)


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