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Why We Need MW3

December 14, 2011

There are a group of gamers that consider themselves better than the rest, and I’m kind of one of them. They call themselves elitists. They look down on other gamers. They scorn the “casual market”. At some point I will talk about video game elitists and the casual market, but today I must talk about MW3. I look down on MW3, and as shooters go, I look to Battlefield 3, but I have recognized something that others have not.

By Sithis, Battlefield looks like a movie!

There is hate, a lot of it, against the game, from people who will never buy it. The majority of the millions (literally) of people who bought it, like it. Many of the haters have a point though. One thing that was brought up was that MW3 is basically a map pack for MW2. Like Fallout: New Vegas, It might as well be DLC. The campaign is little more than a retread of the action movie genre. Unlike the original MW and MW2, there is little original and is lacking a compelling story line.

Modern Warfare is now the Madden of shooters. It’s coming out every year, with little improvement, and it can’t change because it might loose it’s massive audience. Man, I wish sonic had done the same thing. Looking at these problems, I have come to the conclusion that Modern Warfare 3 can’t be all bad. At worst, the game is average. So why all the hate? It’s because the game is popular. If it was just another small title, people would pass it off as just another game, but because it is big, people want to fight against it. I personally want something that is so big and popular to be something amazing, something I can get behind.

^ Amazing and awesome, like this ^

The same thing has happened with movies. The big blockbusters used to be something with depth, something with merit, like Star Wars (the original trilogy). Now blockbusters are cliche action flicks with nothing more than explosions to carry them through (transformers, 2 and 3). The only exception was inception.

But the truth is, we need Modern Warfare. Call of Duty has single single handedly brought games into the mainstream. It is what will keep the market afloat. It will convince people that video games can make money, and thus they will be made. Games can now be a part of an everyday conversation with others who don’t necessarily have the same amount of love for games that I do. Gaming is not the obscure, niche thing that it used to be. And that’s a good thing. Video games are now considered an art form, now more then ever, because they have been brought out into the light. You may not love MW3, but you should respect it, because it is now the most profitable media franchise to ever walk the face of the earth.

You should thank MW3… and me, cause I’m not a retread of anything, and thus better than MW3.


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