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Video games, not the problem.

December 8, 2011

I was looking around the internet for something to entertain me… and I found this. Watch this video, I’m not promoting its message, but if you wan’t to understand what i’m going to say next, watch it. Because it’s time for me to share my Personal Opinion.

As I have said before, I consider myself to be three things. An artist, a gamer, and a philosopher. Today, I get to use two.

Towards the beginning of the video, he listed off things that “video games” had not done for him. He was not smarter, faster, “a kung-fu master”, a master swordsman, and he probably couldn’t  survive a zombie apocalypse… Then later he states that he was basically spending his “wasted time” playing World of Warcraft. Well, you’re not supposed to go into WOW thinking that it’s going to become those things. But that’s not the point of this article. The focus is what he says next.

The guy in the video then tries to remind us that video games are nothing more than entertainment, (say what you will about that) so beyond making you feel good, they have no lasting value. He wasn’t just sad about the amount of time that he had spent, but  more so by the “important” things he had missed. (I am not going to even talk about how he grouped all gamers into a lonely and depressed stereotype)  He was sad that he had fooled himself into thinking that video game achievements were more important than the real ones. THERE. RIGHT THERE! That’s where I have my beef.

“all those lost years that I could have spent with friends, creating art, or…” Here is where my Personal Opinion really kicks in. To me, the only purpose in life is to enjoy it. If you don’t believe there is a grand scheme of things, that’s all that really matters. Even in the bible, it says somewhere that man is that he might have joy. I am not saying that video games are the greatest thing that has ever happened to humanity, I’m saying that it’s nothing more “wasteful” than anything else people do. Not to mention that games don’t necessarily make people social outcasts. People see creating art as something more productive than playing video games. If that’s just going to be a hobby, then it’s a “waste of time”. There is no purpose in doing it. And how about playing sports? There is very little chance that someone could make that into a carrier, so why bother. Music? Parents will sometimes force their children to learn an instrument. Utterly useless. And then he lists stuff you could do in the time it takes place to play WOW. Drive to LA from NYC 3 times. What a waste of time.

But the biggest offender in my mind is Religion. My rant on religion will be saved for another day, but I will say this. Religion in general is the biggest time waster the world has ever known. Entire days devoted to doing nothing for an unseen deity. There are so many religions in the world, the chance that yours is the right one is close to 0.1%. (not saying that the values that some religions upkeep are useless, some things you should do if you don’t want to die. That’s right smokers, I’m talking to you.)

The point is, life is about having some fulfillment, or else it’s just work, eat, sleep, repeat. No other hobby is “more good” than another (Oh, the grammar massacre). To say that is just being elitist. Life needs work, play, and fulfillment. Doesn’t matter how you do it.

Oh, and being alone, overweight, and divorced is not the game’s fault, it’s yours. Moderation, fool. If you can quit, you can moderate.

P.S. He says “don’t allow something as stupid as video games consume the best years of your life, all the greatness you could achieve”… Ha, greatness comes through luck, the world just sucks that way. I wonder where that guy is now. He’s no Steve Jobs for sure.


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