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The Other Side

Have you ever had a fight with yourself?

This is a man who is more than himself. He is not just half machine. He is half robot… or is the robot half him? He is changed, and his personality is influenced by the foreign brain, and yet, that half brain is another being entirely. He hates himself, and is almost willing to kill himself to get rid of what he sees as the evil inhabiting half of his body.


Chp 1 pg 2

Sorry for not posting for a while. I’ve been busy, seeing as I’ve just started my college courses. I love the background for this page.

Agent White in the Wind

This is the first GIF I’ve ever made, and i’m quite satisfied with it. This took me probably less than 2 hours, which is really quick for me, and I wasn’t really focused. Maybe I should stop worrying about the details and just go with the flow. This turned out well, it’s in my signature style, and It was a quick draw. I haven’t been working on the comic for a while, due to a lack of good songs/podcast’s to listen to, so I think I should just start working on animation. I find it much more entertaining.

I wish I could get Flash, or something like it, but I’m on a low budget, so all I have is Photoshop Elements. If any of you could find out some kind of animation program I could use… I’d do all in my power to get you whatever you want.

What Makes One Game Better Than Another

I was watching videos on youtube, just messing around, til I can play Battlefield 3 again. I started watching commentary videos to get my Battlefield fix, and I came across this video. This is just another video about Modern Warfare 3 vs Battlefield 3. I’m saving this argument for later, after I’ve had time to play Battlefield 3 some more. I don’t need to play Modern Warfare 3 because I’ve played MW2, and CoD BLOCKS, and MW3 is basically a high end DLC for them. Here’s the video.

This guy, SushiRush, calls himself a Battlefield fanboy, so obviously Battlefield wins in his opinion. It’s the way that he chooses it is my problem. He openly says that basing the decision on “your opinion” is stupid and biased. He then proceeds to say that the “best way” is to base the decision off of facts. After that, he starts listing off both games capabilities.

Graphics, check. Sound, check. Engine optimization, check. Developer effort, check. The problem that I have here is that by these standards, No More Heroes would lose to Two Worlds. That’s not right. Too me this just sounds like utter PC duchebaggery. “Oh, the graphics and sound are better, it must be a better game!” I’ve said before, graphics seldom make a game fun. Sound can enhance an experience, not make the saving catch.

Games are meant to be fun. and that’s what people should base their argument on. What does it matter if you are playing the “better” game if you are not having fun. Of course, you can’t really tell people whats fun, you can only list the aspects that make a game fun, and let people decide for themselves. You can make a decision based on your opinion, but ultimately, you have to leave others to their fates.

I’m not going to say which game is better when I get to it. I will say which game I had more fun with. And everybody else can look at what I write (which is hopefully unbiased) and see which one they want for themselves. I may force my opinion on you, but not in this way.

Chp 1 Pg 1

This one took so long. Probably the longest one done til this one I’m working on now. The guy in the middle is the only one that matters here.

Deadly Advertising

epic fail - fails in advertising

At fist glance this may seem like a bad place to put your romance ad, but if you look close, at the bottom it says Funeral services. I don’t know if this was a joke, or an actual ploy to generate more revenue, but either way it’s bound to get people’s attention. I doubt that it’s going to make profitable business by having idiots falling onto the tracks, but it’s certain to garner lots of attention. Probably due to how this is clever, and controversial.

The photo says fail, but I think it’s FTW.

Why I’m Not A PC Gamer

For me, the hardcore scale of gaming goes like this. Wii- casual. X-Box- serious. PS3- hardcore. PC- seriously hardcore. This scale is mostly based upon the cost of the equipment, with the Wii starting at $150 and the PC going up to to the 2000’s. This is why I still consider myself a “hardcore” gamer, and don’t have a PC or a PS3. All I have is an Xbox and a $150 dollar doorstop.

If you want to be a PC gamer, you have to have a pretty serious setup to make it worth it. This usually means high end graphics cards, multiple cores and lots of ram. Even If I had enough money to get all of that, I still wouldn’t buy it. Why? Because gaming on the PC means change. If you wan’t to keep up with the latest games, you have to get the next graphics card. You have to keep replacing your parts. You have to keep on spending money. Maybe I would put up with this if it were worth it.

The truth is, games on the PC are only greater than console games because of their slightly superior graphics (and sometimes mods, in some cases are almost a must have, like in Skyrim). Most good games are not good because they have jaw dropping graphics. That can only take a game so far; the only exception I know of is Crysis, which most high end computers melted trying to run.

There is another problem. PC gaming is dying. Yes, there are online titles, and digital distribution, but those are mostly ports from consoles. Less games are being made exclusively for the PC, or even with the PC in mind.

Console games are steadily improving in graphical quality, which is just due to the skill of the developers. A new title does not require any new tech or requirements from your console, because all consoles are the same. You can buy a game and pop it in without having to worry if you have the right requirements, or if you’ll have to turn the graphics to the lowest setting. Console games are becoming mainstream, and so there is no shortage of them coming in. Most likely, if a game is coming out, you can be sure it’s on your console.

PC gaming just seems like a hassle to me now. Console gaming saves time and money. It’s a fact. If you have the time and the money, sure, game on the PC. I’m just saying, console gaming is not something to be looked down on just because it costs less. Some of us aren’t rich bastards (not that all PC gamers are jerks, but they exist on the forums). I can understand that a lot of console gamers are idiots, because consoles are directed at a more casual crowd, so you can hate on them. Idiocy is not something I promote. But please, not all console gamers are idiots, so give… me the respect I deserve.

Clips Showing Why Battlefield 3 Tops MW3

I’ve always had a problem with the Modern Warfare series. The only game play available is running around in a confined space shooting at anything that moves.  One of the things that Battlefield uses to up the ante is vehicles. This is shown evidently in the following clips.

In this video, the guy is waiting for a jet to spawn. This is so cinematic, if I died like this, I wouldn’t even be mad. Too bad he dies right as the jet spawns though.

This is a contemplation of cool things one person saw in battlefield. The one at the end made my jaw drop, it was cinematic, like a boss. Some of these things look like they should belong in a movie. I just wish movies had moments as epic as this.

Close to the end of this clip, this guy snipes a guy in a helicopter with a head shot. It then shows the kill in slow motion. The level of detail in this game amazes me. You can see the bullet going through the air, and the reaction of the pilot as he’s hit by the bullet. His head is pushed back and he slumps as the helicopter looses control.

Prelude pg 2

I was going to turn this page into a negative like the first prelude page, but it just didn’t work out, so you get a jarring transition to color. These characters are changing as I draw, as I make better character design. I particularly like the brains, even though they’re just mazes.

Critic’s Review: Zero Punctuation

Benjamin “Yahtzee” Croshaw, creator of Zero Punctuation, is (in video) a fast talking video game critic who pays little heed to social convention, or the wishes of his audience. Zero Punctuation is a humorous video review of video games, based on almost straight criticism. In fact, his constant stream of criticism is so consistent that people have a hard time telling whether a game is actually bad or not. Yahtzee once had to address this directly in one of his videos. He almost never gives any praise to a game, and so it’s hard to tell the okay games from the rest of the dirt. This can be blamed on the fact that when he actually praised a game, nobody thought it was funny, and demanded a humor refund. Now he has to nitpick his way through every game. Thanks for breaking it, audience.

Sometimes he likes games, but you only find out after he’s done tearing it apart, and he announces it like a disclaimer. But the point of his videos are not really to advise people on what to get (or at least I hope not), it’s to be funny. He brings up a joke in almost every sentence, some are obscure, and some are obvious, but almost all of them are quite clever. Because of how fast he talks, you might miss some information, but after a while I got used to it, and now I don’t miss a word. I guess listening to him made my brain process faster… so it’s a fact, Zero Punctuation makes you smarter. You should watch it instead of studying. Like you study anyway.

Yahtzee’s fast talking is his staple. It’s why Zero Punctuation is called zero punctuation. The speed of which he relays information makes sure that it’s never boring, and he can convey about twice as much information in five minutes than anyone else can. He also has a foul tongue. At first, when I was watching it, the stark contrast to the language used in my everyday life was funny. Now the language has less effect on me then it did before, and if it wasn’t for the solid writing that was hidden behind it, I would have lost interest. The joy now comes from hearing well worded insults directed at the games flaws.

Lets get this straight though, Zero Punctuation should not be used as a base opinion of what you’re going to buy. For starters, Yahtzee has a very particular set of tastes. He hardly ever likes anything mainstream, and one time, he named Just Cause 2 as game of the year (although I can say he has quite an excellent taste in music). Another thing that bothers me is that he does not play online. Mostly because he sucks at it. This becomes a problem when a game has multi-player as a predominant feature, and he’ll hate on the weak (tacked on) single player experience. And then he plays games that are not really directed at him. That is to say, he plays games that he should know ahead of time that he won’t enjoy.

Born in England, and currently living in Australia, Yahtzee is quite racist towards Americans, and stereotypes them a lot. It’s an interesting perspective, as I usually (like most Americans) think that we’re the only people on the Internets. And being born in England means that you’ll end up with a voice to rival the gods. Oh, I just love listening to him talk.

As an actual review medium, Zero Punctuation is only useful for [swear word]’s because anyone who’s not a [bad word] is already using IGN.

As a humorous commentary on the faults of video games, it’s as close as you can get to the result of putting Branston Pickle on No More Heroes (which is to say, really [swear word]ing awesome).

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